The Productivity Model

This is a model carved into the consulting services DNA of Peaches Industries. It x-rays the different impacts on information worker productivity from different angles, which matter to an organization. From Person, Team and Organizational as well as Skill, Infrastructure and Emotional perspective.


On the Skill and personal level we look at the persons effectiveness of finding using and sharing information, as well as the ability to be efficient at work and produce quality output.

On the team level there we look more on inter human communication, is the team able to achieve objectives as well as methods and models of collaboration like Agile methods for instance.

From the Organizational perspective we look at the infrastructure for people and teams to grow in personal skills and inter-communicational abilities. It’s a lot about giving the possibilities and infrastructure to thrive.

Infrastructure level
On the personal infrastructure level we look at the information handling. How easy is it for a person to pull and push information from and to the information portal and how easy it is to manage information, which is needed on a daily base to do the right decisions.

The same applies as well for the team as an entity. Also for the team it is extremely important how information can be found, used and shared with other teams within the enterprise. For that we need an easy to use and human focused information management infrastructure.

On organizational level we focus more on the technical aspects of information management, also the possibility of the consolidation of information channels and how easy and fast people and teams can connect to information.

Emotional level
On the personal, emotional level we focus on how the attitude towards work and the engagement of an individual can be supported and empowered. How the knowledge can be connected with experience to create great quality and quantity work output.

On the team-level we look at how team spirit and communities can be formed, which spark innovation and creativity and a great harmony and balance between the team members.

On the Organizational level it’s all about the Company culture, the willingness and ability to embrace change, to adapt to the fast developing technologies and fluctuations in the market. It’s also about creating a great work environment for the people within the organization to thrive every day at work.

The Peaches Industries Productivity Model is a guideline for our Consultants when approaching a customer project. If there are problems with productivity or User Engagement you need to step back and look at the Organization as a whole. Only then you will be able to spot possible weaknesses and can apply measures to make your Organization run as a clockwork.

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