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It’s within the nature of Peaches Industries to think “out of the box”. This is reflected in all our concepts and makes us a unique player in the industry.  Together with our partners we are working on a stack of Portal solutions to enhance your existing Information Portal environment.

Portal Solution Gravity
Gravity is a solution designed for Information Portals on SharePoint or Office 365 to boost End User Engagement and Motivation with the help of Gamification principles and methods. By smoothly guiding the user through the „four phases of adoption“, with the help of Gravity you can make sure that all your users adopt your Portal to its full extent and even beyond.

Discovery phase:
Learning and trying out the system and finding its value.

Onboarding phase:
Getting more familiar with the products structure and mechanics. Get deeper knowledge of the features and explore boundaries.

Productivity phase:
Use the system to its nearly full extent, getting the routine of doing things. This phase creates player motivation and engagement.

Mastery phase:
Achieving mastery of the use of a system. In this phase users create the most value in the product especially for others.

With Gravity we understand an entity in an information environment which creates engagement or friction. The more engagement the entity creates, the heavier it gets and the more it creates gravity and draws even more engagement. The Peaches Industries „Gravity“ system is designed to just do that. With the Gravity solution you can make your content shine within the organization or make people gravitate around your online community or even your own personal blog. The beauty of „Gravity“ is, that content in symbiosis with context matters the most and as a nice side-effect you can even get rewarded by creating content with high Gravity value.


Do you want to know more about how Gravity works? Do not hesitate to contact us to get your company even more engaged.

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