Having the skills to master information flow on a daily basis is crucial nowadays to survive for an information worker. Peaches Industries has the experience and knows how to tap into the potential of your productivity tools to make them work for you on a daily basis and not the other way round.

Nowadays learning on demand or eLearning is very important to cope with time and cost pressure we face in our everyday work life. We have developed a model which combines the best practices while creating eLearning content for your employees. The Peaches Industries eLearning model.


Audience: From concept to implementation, the audience is a critical factor in the process of developing online courses. Everything designed and developed should be done with the audience in mind. One of the first steps in building an efficient eLearning portal is to conduct an audience analysis. This analysis will help you to determine the basic structure of the other four elearning components.

Course structure: Course structure refers to how a course is designed for eLearning. The structure of a course plays a critical role in how your audience learns the material. Storyboarding is a great way to build your course structure. it’s very important to keep a steady FLOW of information. Not too much at a time, nor too less. Like this you keep your students on the material and they have a steady progress.

Page design: Like the importance of charm and charisma of the classroom instructor, the page design of an online course is critical to the learning process. The page design has a huge impact on the learning experience of your audience. It’s important to find the right balance of text and pictures as well that the user can navigate to the desired information with a maximum of three clicks.

Content Engagement: Because e-learning is a self-study medium, interacting with the learner becomes more important than most types of training forums. Content engagement refers to how the learner interacts with content of the course. Because studies have shown that the learning experience is greatly enhanced when exercises or activities are incorporated into the learning process, content engagement is critical.

Usability: Many creative ideas are discarded because they do not work. Likewise, a well organized eLearning course can be ill-received if it does not function properly. Usability refers to the testing of eLearning content and applications.
Once you have built your online course, you should always test it in the same environment that the learner will complete the course.

In order to have your End Users adopting your Information Portal as fast and smoothly as possible Peaches Industries offers a set of Education Services for your End Users.

Portal training services:

 Cloudworker productivity training – Office 365 training: Get all the power out of the cloud

 Tailored End User training on Customer needs – We can help you with custom training for your Intranet, Extranet or other office tools 

 eLearning Portals and content creation – Creation of eLearning portals and content to get the maximum out of your learning on demand environment 

 Enterprise 2.0 productivity coaching and training – Want to know how to build, manage and cultivate online communities or how to get the extra boost with social features in the Intranet? Ask us for help and welcome the Enterprise 2.0 era in your Organization 

 Actionable Gamification design for your Intranet activities – Gamify your learning efforts to get the maximum out of your learning environments and boost the productivity of your employees in new heights

The vast experience of our trainers in all the above named fields of expertise will certainly have a positive impact on the End User adoption of your Information portals.

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