Peaches Industries is a highly focused and experienced, professional services company. Being awarded multiple times from the Microsoft Community as Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) in SharePoint Server and Office 365, we have the backup and the proof of a whole community behind our back, that we can deliver value and do what we promise.

Our main goal is to help our clients gain maximum return on investment and competitive advantage through the implementation of enterprise technologies such as SharePoint and Office 365.

We are able to provide end to end solutions like corporate Intranets, social platforms and website experiences or augment existing project teams and provide specialist skills and knowledge at any point in your roadmap.
Based on years of delivering Microsoft based solutions for customers, we have developed our own way of doing things. The Peaches Industries Productivity Model is part of the Peaches Consulting DNA. On every Project we keep the information worker productivity in the focus and try to adapt processes around the human not the other way round.


Portal Concepts   Education   Implementation   Social Enterprise   The productivity model

In addition to the Peaches Industries Core Services, we also offer extended Services to make your Portal Project a success. Our knowledge, effort and attitude on the job is well known throughout the Community and highly valued by our customers.
Every complex project, like a Portal Project needs management. SharePoint and Portal project managers need to have the background knowledge of the platform in order to succeed at the implementation of the Portal. Peaches Industries offers following Project Management services to make your portal project a success: Project Planning and Execution, Project Reporting, Project and Stakeholder communication. Project methods: Waterfall or Agile or a Hybrid variant.
Peaches Industries is operating as an international Company since its foundation in April 2008. This gave us a lot of experience and knowledge how to handle multinational and geographically dispersed teams. With the help of our vast network of Experts in the Nordics and DACH region we can custom tailor the right team for your project and can offer you a very quality vs value balanced pricing.
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