Peaches Industries is a close-knit team based in Zurich Switzerland and Helsinki Finland. We help companies design better intranet sites, related services and products. We’ve been around since spring 2005. Our clients range from large, well-known companies to smaller local companies. They all came to us based on our reputation of delivering killer ideas that work and our activities in the SharePoint community both in central Europe and Finland. We are strong in the force!

We’re not big on rules — those are meant to be broken! But we do believe in a core set of values which help each PEACH to work through tough problems on their own. We learn by doing and trying, we constantly develop our expertise. We wear lots of hats and exercise many of our talents. We believe that talented people can get more done! Empowerment is the key idea that flows through our values, work and relationships. That’s the reason why, in the short time while we are on the market, three Microsoft MVPs saw the light of dawn coming from Peaches Industries.


Petteri Mäkelä

SharePoint Architect

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) and Developer for SharePoint Server environments. He specialises in SharePoint Server and Business Intelligence solutions from Microsoft, enabling the optimal data transparency within the Organisation.

Jussi Mori

Principal Consultant

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for SharePoint in Switzerland and expert for information-worker productivity and Gamification. Within the scope of modern collaboration and communication systems, he specialises in the SharePoint solutions of Microsoft and the SharePoint Cloud services within the Office 365 product series.




As a software specialist for SharePoint, Metalogix offers a product to administrate, manage and to simplify control of the SharePoint environment. The productivity and simplicity of the tool together with the corporate culture of Metalogix has convinced Peaches Industries to be its sales and implementation partner in Switzerland and in Finland.



Cloudriven delivers gamified software solutions for managing behavior, performance and collaboration within organizations. Over 13 000 users and approx. 50 customer organizations use our Microsoft CRM-, SharePoint and Azure-based solutions daily. We are a certified Microsoft Gold (Application Development) and Silver (Collaboration and Content, Hosting) Partner.



Digistars is an expert in social digital assets. Since Peaches is also focusing on Social Enterprise, Digistars provides expert knowledge around social digital assets which can be used on different social enterprise projects.

We live what we love

Planet: Peaches Industries is committed to environmental concerns. All employees consistently use public transport. Moreover, we compensate 4.6 tons of CO2 annually via myclimate.ch.

Profit: We love earning money, but we also make donations to various non-profit organisations.

Sponsorship: We do a lot of sports and love even if others demand excellence from themselves. For this reason we support the local cycling scene.


and yes, we are big time Star Wars fans
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