We developed a new way to boost productivity and End User adoption through the leverage of your current Social Enterprise environment, through a gamified End User Engagement engine – We call it Gravity. It helps you to make your content, your activities and yourself more visible within the information noise of the Intranet and helps you to adopt your Intranet, Collaboration and Social tools lightning fast.

„Gravity is a powerful natural force. Adidas Ultra Boost Femme Pas Cher It’s not only about the attraction of two objects that have mass it’s also a distortion of space and time!“

Everything we do in the Internet leaves a trace and has memories. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Mujer Acheter Yeezy Boost 350 Until now, we do not concentrate very much on how we interact with people and content in the Intranet. But every single Engagement has value and is important everyone looking for Information in the future.

Memories of content is not very visible today, plus its forgotten by the end user often, but it plays a significant role in the content lifecycle and for the search engine. Nowadays we have managed to connect people together we are very good in creating horizontal relationships. Yeezy Boost 750 Acheter They might create some sort of value for us beyond the fact that having 10000 followers on Twitter just feels good. But where is the real beef? What’s the next step beyond the social layer? We at Peaches Industries believe that the next step in human relationships is building vertical relationships, by meaning being more deeper connected with each other, help each other be engaged between each other and the things we do. We believe the future lays in the engagement or in the Game-Layer, it lays in Gamification! Nowadays only 20% are truly engaged at work. Why can Gamification help to solve the engagement problem at work? It enables the paradigm shift from process-focused design to human-focused design. By meaning designing the work process for the human and not the machine, will naturally boost productivity and generate higher business output. Gravity is an actionable End-User Engagement engine designed for Information portals built on SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 SharePoint online. Comprar Ropa Interior Calvin Klein It uses methods of games (Gamification) to help users get engaged in their work and get connected with each other and drive value for the Organization through that. The key is content and context. The Gamification engine works in all of the four adoption phases (Discovery, On-boarding, Productivity and Mastery) and takes the most out of the End Users activities and boosts productivity. Onboarding phases Gravity

Gravity helps to engage people at their work, get connected to other colleagues and to their work, which creates added value. Through the help of Game mechanics and methods we create an engagement layer on top of the SharePoint backend to boost productivity and communication within the enterprise. Gravity helps the End user to be and stay engaged throughout the use of the SharePoint Portal. It can address different stages of End User adoption and productivity through context based engagement triggers, which causes the users to do action and get rewarded by being more productive and other rewards defined by the owners of the Portal. The Gravity End User Engagement engine is build according to the Gamification Framework Octalysis, invented by number one Gamification Guru in the world Yu-Kai Chou.

The Discovery phase

The Discovery phase in Gravity is about finding value as fast and as smooth as possible! Gravity_TeamSite Content in context for value is key in the Discovery phase. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 France Through callouts and small discoveries on a live SharePoint environment the user can discover facts and tips and tricks how to take SharePoint sites into use efficiently and fast. Acheter Yeezy Boost 350 The system also tells you where you can find more hints and how many there still are to unlock. The social aspect of this phase is also very important. Yeezy Boost 350 Femme Pas Cher In the newsfeed you can see how many hints have been unlocked by your teammates and you can send them a cheer to their MySite once they have found them all. Yeezy Boost 350 Pas Cher

The Onboarding phase

The Onboarding phase in Gravity is about putting the found value into use as fast as possible! Gravity_Onboarding In the Onboarding phase the User starts already to work with the system more productively. Through missions or quests, users are asked to perform more complex tasks in SharePoint, which benefit everyone. Missions like “Fill in all the metadata” or “Get rid of all folders” would be common examples what On-boarding phase missions could be. Of course Users can also create new missions and share it within the Gravity system for others to use. As well as outcomes of intelligent ways of how to use SharePoint is stored in Gravity and published to everyone in the intranet to see what others are doing or how certain problems have been solved. This helps to prevent to “reinvent the wheel” all over and over again and helps to boost productivity significantly.

The Productivity phase

The Productivity phase in Gravity is all about getting everything out of the system. It’s about to be as engaged and productive as possible! ProjectManagement This phase is all about using the platform to its full extent. Tangas Calvin Klein Para Mujer With the Gravity engine it is possible to generate visibility and relevance to content or to oneself by encouraging others to interact with content you create and share in the Intranet. The more interaction on content or oneself, the “heavier” the content gets, the more it draws attention to others. This is how Gravity is created. In the Productivity phase this is also where the missions and quests are becoming more business focused. For instance you would have missions like “Figure out a way how to improve value for product XY”. All those missions are available everywhere. Everyone can participate and create engagement around activities in the Intranet. Bragas Calvin Klein This creates an engaged network of individuals and teams who work together to bring the Organisation forward and can get rewarded by status or even rewards defined by the Organisation.

The Mastery phase

The Mastery phase in Gravity, is about empowering everyone to reach the Productivity phase. E_Learning_SP-Gamification Gravity masters are the MVPs of the Intranet. Masters are usually driven by intrinsic values and get recognition by helping others to get past the Discovery and Onboarding phase as fast and smooth as possible. Masters do not advance in phases anymore, but they can still create Gravity around their content and themselves by creating highly relevant content and receiving Gravity from others within the Intranet. Yeezy Boost 350 Femme Pas Cher Gravity is powered by the Habit™ Engine, developed by the Peaches Industries trusted partner Cloudriven. Gravity is the visual and conceptual layer on top of the Habit™ Behavior Engine which is easy and fast deployed, adapted and rolled out for every individual Gamification case.

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